Java Courses by Dr. Heinz and Kirk Pepperdine

June 17, 2006

Dr. Heinz Kabutz is well respected among the Java community and an accredited Java Champion. He is dedicated through his Java™ Specialists' Newsletter to educate people and help them master the Java platform.

Along with Kirk Pepperdine (also a Java Champion) he runs the Java Courses in the beautiful island of Crete, Greece.

I had the pleasure to attend the Java 5 Delta & Java Patterns Combo course and all I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it!

Heinz’s ability to pass his knowledge to other people is incredible.

Choosing a friendly tone to run the course, he manages to keep you interested throughout its full length and doesn’t make you feel tired either physically or mentally. When in doubt at any time during the course, Heinz would literally sit down and write examples on the fly trying to address your concerns in his own unique way.

An excellent host above all!

Live debates between Kirk and Heinz were spot on with valid arguments flying across the room from both sides with you in the middle left drooling. It was quite an experience watching two Java Champions “fighting” one another in a battle of Titans.

Following the Java Courses, power sessions where more like a discussion between all members trying to put into perspective what you had learnt throughout the day.

Java 5 Delta is a must for everyone who wants to jump on the Java wagon with Tiger’s new features. Heinz knows this stuff and he would go on as far as to really mess with the language to really expose any gotchas.

Anyone who considers himself a professional in the Object Oriented paradigm should also attend the Java Design Patterns with Heinz’s real world examples making you asking for more once it is over.

If what you are looking for is in-depth knowledge of the Java platform while spending some quality time with your family in the lovely island of Crete, then these courses is what you really need!

Kudos to Dr. Heinz and Kirk!