eulife’s meaning and the role of the developer

May 22, 2006

eulife is not just about developing software and far from just another repository!

eulife is about IT. eulife is about promoting IT to the local society. eulife is a reminder to developers that are not just engineers but *scientists*.

eulife is a wake up call for developers. Developers should realise that their role is far more important for IT. They are held responsible for educating and enlightening the community about what IT can offer them and their businesses.

Unless developers approach society in a direct manner, IT will not thrive enough.

eulife believes that opensource can aid in the above due to its nature of sharing, collaborating and distributing free knowledge and that is why opensource development is so important.

Through the use of the eulife map developers should form groups with other individuals or IT companies in order to promote IT in their local community. Available eulife projects can help those groups to achieve their goal.


CVS access

May 13, 2006

In addition to downloading the source and binary code of all eulife projects you can also have access to the repository anonymously.

The maximum delay between the developer's CVS and the anonymous access is two hours through the pserver and immediate through the web.

To become an active developer in one of many eulife projects contact the correspoding admin.


May 10, 2006

Due to a broken build in both eucatalogue-admin and eucatalogue-web projects, an incorrect hibernate.cfg.xml file was provided under the installation dir.

Trying to use this file to override the default database settings would cause an exception.

Here you can find the fixed file.

Make sure that you visit the catalogue homepage over at sourceforge every so often to get updates and to participate in the public forums.

Sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused.

eucatalogue version 1.1 beta released

May 6, 2006

Version 1.1 of eucatalogue brings delete operations as well as an improved performance.

The WAR file is now in included in the release to make installation as simple as copying the file.

See updated screenshots and download it over at as usual.

If you want to become involved with the development of this catalogue framework, please contact Markos Charatzas, the project admin of eucatalogue.

You can also find an updated version of eupersistence which aims to simplify all your hibernate operations.