eulife IS NOT meant to be just a repository

Although eulife is heavily relied upon the idea of open source, there are many things that set it apart from being just a repository or another community.

The ultimate goals for eulife are,

1. Promote IT and educate people

eulife encourages developers to go out there and talk to people! Let them know what IT is and how it can help them in their daily lives or with their businesses.

Visit your local shops, listen to their requirements and address their needs! A catalogue is something to start with.

Talk to friends and relatives and identify how IT could make their lives better!

2. A software application in every store

Software shouldn’t be a luxury and should be given for free in its base form. Most people are under the impression that software is expensive, tedious and not worth it. Prove them wrong!

You can start by installing a catalogue in every store.

3. Support students and graduates

eulife is the ideal place for students to familiarize themselves with software development and work with real world examples.

Graduates can start their career with eulife and shouldn’t wait until they get a job to start doing some serious coding!

eulife helps them know the process involved in developing software, the technologies behind it, as well as the latest trends thus making them fully aware and ready when hired later on by an IT company.


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