eulife philosophy

eulife is based on already established ideas with open source greatly in mind.

Take for example the average developer who is trying to become an independent.

This developer can see that although there is a plethora of stores in his local community, none of them has an online shop. He decides to make one. He designs and implements a catalogue framework thinking that it should also prove useful in the process of making a library management tool later on.

Even though he has no problem developing the software, he sure knows well its hard to make it on his own. He is also aware of the fact that he will need a graphics designer to accompany his programming skills.

He also realizes that in order for the eshop idea to work out he has to come to an agreement with a hosting company. Most likely he will need to install a PC in each store for administration. Good thing one of his friends has a computer store. Most likely he could score a deal. But what about hosting? It will be difficult for him to get in touch with all of the hosting companies and get a good deal on his own.

But hung on for a second. There are many others troubled by the same issues here. Why not support each other. Surely we can achieve a lot more if all individuals become as one. If we can all work towards the same goal. We could make partnerships easier, find instant solutions and finally make what is needed to uplift IT!

Going forward in time. Eulife is a global organization now. Well respected among the community because of the developers supporting it. It has achieve great deals not only with IT companies but others as well. All these because developers decided one day that we should take matters in our own hands!

This is eulife.

eulife has currently released a java catalogue framework which can be found at (currently accessible only through CVS)


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