anonymous cvs access using Eclipse

Open the CVS prespective

Right Click -> New -> Repository Location
Repository path: /cvsroot/eucatalogue
User: anonymous
Password: (leave blank)
Connection type: pserver

Click Finish

You can now retrieve the complete CVS of euCatalogue.

euCatalogue, all POJOS and the Catalogue class for various operations
euCatalogue-admin, the admin interface of euCatalogue (struts)
euCatalogue-web, the user interface of euCatalogue (struts)
euCatalogue-web-common, common library for both web interfaces of euCatalogue
euPersistence, a library for operating with Hibernate enabled applications (required)
euTools, a library of common tools for various operations (required)
euWeb, a library of classes to aid in the web development
PS. all eulife projects are mavenized under version 1.x


One Response to anonymous cvs access using Eclipse

  1. anzap says:

    For anonymous cvs access using netbeans u have to follow the next few steps.

    Click CVS on the menu toolbar. click ckeckout.

    CVS Root:

    Password: leave this field blank

    Click Next

    In the Module to checkout screen you can either click finish and checkout the whole project or click browse and select one of the available modules to checkout.

    In the Local Folder field you can select the folder where chekout modules will be downloaded.

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